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Amsterdam International Law Clinic

Goals and perspective
The Amsterdam International Law Clinic is an initiative of students and staff of the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam. The Clinic provides legal services to clients on all questions of international law. It was established to meet the needs of students for more experience in treating cases and to meet the increasing demands from organisations, companies and law firms for legal advice on matters of international law. In international legal practice a growing interest exists for lawyers with a deeper understanding of the functioning and the application of international law and with experience in handling arguments based on international law. The Clinic offers students the possibility to gain such experience and at the same time to make contact with their future profession in a direct manner. This co-operation between organisations, companies and law-firms on the one hand, and students of international law on the other, is new in Dutch legal practice and the Clinic is therefore unique in the Netherlands.

Legal Services
The International Law Clinic provides legal services in individual cases, such as advise on a discrete question of international law. The International Law Clinic also can provide students for internships requiring specialised knowledge of international law. A fee will be required for the services of the Amsterdam International Law Clinic, but the costs will be relatively low.
The Clinic operates throughout the academic year, September through July. In most cases it will be able to provide legal services on short notice. The Clinic is able to provide a high quality of legal services by a strict process of selection for participating students based on their academic performance, and by a close supervision of the students by the ACIL staff.

The quality of the legal services provided by the Amsterdam International Law Clinic is guaranteed by close supervision of the students by the staff of the Department of International Law and the ACIL. A full list of members of the staff can be found at http://www1.jur.uva.nl/acil/staff.htm

The overall responsibility rests with prof. dr. André Nollkaemper and Joost P.J. van Wielink, LL.M.

Recent reports

  • Enforced disappearances as continuing violations
  • Establishing an individual complaints procedure against violations of international humanitarian law
  • Fundamental rights and freedoms in the African Commission on Human and People's rights: an overview of the interpretation of the articles 6, 7, 9 and 26 of the African Charter on Human and People's Rights
  • The competence of the European Court of Human Rights to order restitutio in integrum and specific orders as remedial measures in the case 46221/99
  • Undue delay in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights: Varicak Marica v. Croatia Osiguranje

Associated organisations
In principle, legal services of the Amsterdam International Law Clinic are available for all clients. With a number of organisations and law firms, the Clinic has developed institutional contacts. From the start of the Amsterdam International Law Clinic in 2000, associations with the following organisations and law firms have been developed:

International Alliance     International Alliances International League for Human Rights     Avocats sans Frontičres

International Criminal Defence Attoneys Association

Van den Biesen Prakken Böhler Attorneys at Law, Amsterdam

The Amsterdam International Law Clinic offers students who are in their final year the unique possibility to combine theory and practice of international law at the University of Amsterdam during an entire semester. Working in the Clinic gives you the chance to get in touch with lawyers, clients and cases that vary from international human rights law to European law, private international law, international criminal law or international environmental cases. During one semester you will work closely with other students and members of the staff on cases coming from international legal practice and give legal advice to clients of the Clinic.

Credits: 10 ECTS
Semester 1: September 2003 - January 2004
Semester 2: February 2004 - June 2004

Students Rechtsgeleerdheid and students in International Law of foreign universities


  • you must either have a thourough knowledge of or a more than average interest in international law
  • you must be available to work in the Clinic during 5 months (one semester) for at least 8 hours a week
  • you must follow the compulsory Clinic Course that includes lectures and visits to organisations and cliënts
  • a lot of enthusiasm and interest in international law are indispensable!

Clinic Course:
During the time you participate in the Clinic, we will provide for a Clinic Course. This course will deal with various aspects of the legal profession and rendering legal services. Professionals from the field, both academics and attorneys, will address various topics as (amongst others): secrecy of files, international legal practice, liability, etc.

How to enroll:
Please send:

  • an overview of courses and grades
  • your curriculum vitae
  • a paper or other written document of your hand that contains at least 5 pages

to mr. Joost van Wielink, c/o Secretariat of Public International Law, P.O. Box 19120, 1000 GC, Amsterdam

Under certain conditions students of foreign universities can participate in the Law Clinic. Basic knowledge of the Dutch language is a requirement though, since the obligatory Clinic Course will be given in Dutch. For more information please contact Joost van Wielink at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

For further information on the use of the services of the Amsterdam International Law Clinic please contact Joost P.J. van Wielink at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

Mail address
P.O. Box 19120

Visiting address:
Turfdraagsterpad 9
1012 XT Amsterdam
tel: 31 20 525 2961 / 2632
fax: 31 20 525 2684

Clinical Legal Education At Zhongnan University Of Economics & Law

Peng Xi Hua
Clinic Director
SJD. Associate Professor Of International law
And International Human Rights Law

Mao Ling
Lecturer Of Procedure Law

Li Sioux Qigong
Labor Law Clinic
Lecturer Of Constitutional and Administrative Law

Ma Chang Hua
Civil and Commercial Law Clinic
Associate Professor Of Civil and Commercial Law

Cheng Wei
Working Group Of Anti-domestic Violence
Postgraduate (2001) Of Procedure Law

Chao Xu Hui
Working Group Of Environment Protection
Undergraduate (1998) Of Law

Xiong Shi Yi
Retired Judge
Consultant Of Judicial Practice

Fu Lang
Licensed Lawyer
Consultant Of Lawsuit

Corresponding Address Of Legal Clinic Of Zhongnan University Of Economics & Law:
Legal Aid and Protection Center
Zhongnan University Of Economics & Law (Nanhu Section), Law School
Hongshan District, 430074, Wuhan, Hubei, China

The Clinical Legal Program was founded in September,2000 under the sponsorship of the Fordfoundation and Law School of Zhongnan University of Economics & Law. The Objective of the program is to train the undergraduates of law school and provide them with contact with practitioners.

The Clinical Legal Program is comprised of two clinics and two working groups which are Civil and Commercial Clinic, Labor Law Clinic and Working Group of Anti-domestic Violence, Working Group of Environment Protection. The clinical Legal Education is based on Legal Aid and Protection Center of Zhongnan University of Economics & Law which was founded in 26 May 2000. During every academic semester only a small number students- thirty on average-are admitted to clinics and working groups. They learn and study under the close supervision of professors and practitioners in the clinics.

The Clinical Legal Program is designed in two parts: Classroom Training and Practical Training. During every academic semester there are thirty-six hours for us to train students in classroom. Generally we train students such legal professional skills as Interviewing and Consulting, Communication, Negotiation, Legal Analytical Skills, Investigation, Social Responsibility and Legal Professional Ethics, Street Law, Case Analysis and Planning, Mock Trial and Attorney. Everyday there are three or four students work in Legal Aid and Protection Center to interview the live clients under the supervision of a professor. And chose the typical case for the clinics. Every month there should be a street legal consulting activity held by the students from the clinics. During an academic semester the clinics deal with thirty or thirty-five typical cases. At the end of every academic semester every students should submit a final report to the clinics and assess each other and get the reasonable credit (generally 3 credits every academic semester).

The Clinical Legal Program is carried in the office of Legal Aid and Protection Center which is located in the Nanhu campus of the University. The Center employs two consultants in the field of judicial practice and lawsuit. They are also the consultant of the Clinical Legal Program. The Center has three offices for the clinic students, a computer and the internet access is available.

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