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Legal clinics in service of vulnerable groups: enhancing the employability of law students through practical education.

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Project number: 610449-EPP-1-2019-1-ME-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

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  1. About the project

Overall objectives:

ENEMLOS project aims and will support the study flow within HEI in Montenegro and Kosovo, in that way that will improve the quality in education, increasing mobility of professors, assistants, administration and mainly students, by making new curricula of programs and enhancing the employability of law students through practical education of Higher Education Institutions.

The specific objectives of the Project are comprised as in the following:

  • Modernization and streamlining of the existing teaching practice, especially in practical legal disciplines;
  • Enhancing the overall capacity (human, technical and other resources) of the law faculties involved to provide quality legal education based on best European practices in clinical legal education;
  • Establishing new mechanisms of cooperation, i.e. interlinking of the higher education institutions involved, which will result with similar initiatives and activities in the future;
  • Providing strong incentive for the higher education institutions involved, and particularly so in case of UoM Faculty of Law, to establish long-term sustainable cooperation with judiciary, National Prosecutor’s office and number of professional associations. Enabling students to gain practical knowledge through practical experience. Practical educational component is indispensable as a background tool for students’ primal knowledge on judiciary and related fields and their first encounter with the challenges of the real practice.
  1. Partnersenemlos partners
  1. Legal Clinics Foundations tasks
    1. Study visits to the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation.
    2. Training for teachers of the FoL and representatives of non-academic partners at the FoL UoM by representatives of Polish legal clinics foundation.

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